Tracks OB
Location Capac: Tracks OB Start Time 2/4/2008 4:05:47 PM
Category Dirt Road
Distance 4.59 miles Ascend 0 feet Descend 0 feet
Total Time 00:39:35 Moving 00:39:35 Stopped 00:00:00
Average Speed 00:08:37 / mi Fastest Speed -24855.03:14:08 / mi Slowest Speed -24855.03:14:08 / mi
Calories 595 Average HR 157 BPM Max HR 167 BPM
Weather NaN °F Clouds
Equipment Pearl Izumi - Syncroseek 2
Notes Planned on going out to Martin Rd. Then a train came through. decided to run back to the pavement and then back to the tracks again and then back home. Had some sore and achy areas. My knees and right hip are a bit sore. I will need to spend a few minutes tonight massaging my legs out. Did some situps on the Exercise ball tonight. Need to start doing more core work.